Malström Overview
Overview (1c)

Osc A / Osc B

These are the two oscillators, where the graintable sounds originate.
  • Graintables can be selected with the up/down arrows next to the graintable name display. Alternatively, you can click on the graintable name to select a table from a popup menu of all the graintables available in the Malström (they are listed alphabetically by category in the popup).

  • The motion knob controls the rate at which the Malström sweeps through the grains in the table as a note is played; turning the knob all the way to the left (-64) turns off the sweeping altogether, which makes the oscillator repeat a single table grain as a note is played.

  • The index slider determines the first grain in a table that the oscillator will output when a note is played (when motion is set to -64, this will be the only grain it will output).

  • The shift control emphasizes harmonics above or below the center of the oscillator's output timbre.

  • The octave, semi and cents controls work just like they do in the Subtractor.

  • Unlike the Subtractor, the main "A-D-S-R" amplitude envelope controls are part of the oscillator module itself; there is no overall amplitude envelope at the last stage of the Malström output, as there is for the Subtractor. There is, like the Subtractor, a volume control for each oscillator.

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