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The routing and activation switches control where sounds originate and how they are sent through the various parts of the Malström synthesizer:

The activation switches are circled in red; the routing switches are circled in yellow.

When the top-most routing switch for Osc A is turned on (yellow circle), the signal path for Osc A is shown with the yellow arrows: Osc A --> Shaper --> Filter A --> Volume/Spread.

When the routing switch for Osc B is turned on (red circle), the signal path for Osc B is shown with the red arrows: Osc B --> Filter B --> Volume/Spread.

If a routing switch has been turned on but the module it feeds is turned off, the module operates in "bypass" mode - it simply sends the signal to the next module in the path without coloring it in any way.

Note that with the bottom routing switch for Osc A, you can divert the signal into the Filter B signal path. Also, there is a routing switch above Filter B that diverts the signal from Filter B into the Shaper/Filter A signal path.

Using the various activation and routing switches, here are some examples of how Malström's modules can be routed. All examples are based on using the Init Patch as a starting point.

To load the "Init Patch" into the Malström, right-click on the rack ears of the module and select "Initialize" from the popup menu.

Note: as you are programming Malström sounds, it is very important to be aware of which modules and routing switches are on or off. Without a clear understanding of how the modules interact with one another, you will not be able to figure out why certain controls are affecting the sound, and the manner in which they are affecting the sound, while other controls seem to have no effect on the sound at all.
As you begin to experiment with programming Malström sounds, it is best to start with a simple routing scheme like the first example shown above. As you get familiar and comfortable with the basic building blocks of Malström timbres, you'll begin to appreciate the flexibility of the signal routing schemes for taming and controlling the sounds generated by the Malström.

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