Malström Sound Programming
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Now let's thicken up the sound of our patch even more by adding in the second oscillator, and detuning & spreading the two oscillators in the stereo field.
  • Turn on Osc B.

  • Set the Osc B graintable to SpectralSweep.

  • Set Osc B index to 86.

  • Set Osc B motion to -18.

  • Leave Osc B shift, octave and semi alone.

  • Set Osc A cents to 4.

  • Set Osc B cents to -3.

  • In the Volume/Spread section, set spread to 40.

Your patch should now sound like this MP3. There's a nice stereo spread to the sound, and the detuning of the two oscillators imparts an additional degree of thickness to the sound.

Sorry, but that's all I have time to put together now. With any luck, Part II of this tutorial will be done and up on reasonstation soon. In the meantime, take what you've learned here as a starting point and experiment!

In Part II of the tutorial, I will cover the Filters and the Shaper modules, some exotic module routing examples, and the use of the back-panel ins & outs.

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