Malström Overview
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Routing Example 2:
  • Osc A only --> (Shaper) --> Filter A --> Output

In this example, we have turned off the activation switch for Osc B, so it is silent. We will only hear the sound that Osc A generates.

The routing switch associated with Osc A (see white circle) has been turned on, so the output of Osc A is sent to the Shaper module. Note, however, that the Shaper module itself is not turned on - thus it acts simply as a passive "thru-only" router to the Filter A module.

Filter A is turned on, so adjusting the big freq knob for Filter A will have an affect on the sound. (For this example we have turned off the env switch for Filter A, so the signal does not go through the Filter Env section located above Filter A.)

The output of Filter A goes out to the Volume/Shaper section and out the back of the Malström's hardware outputs.

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