Malström Sound Programming
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Staying with the patch we just programmed, set the Mod A rate back up to 102. While the attack transient is an interesting component of the sound, there's no timbral movement afterward - the timbre is a static grain, kinda boring. We can liven it up by introducing a bit of motion to Osc A.

Set Osc A motion to -33 and then play & hold down a chord. Your Malström patch should now sound like this MP3.

Fair enough, you say - but there's another modulator we aren't even using. Let's play around with it. The sync button synchronizes a modulator to the tempo of your Reason song. Let's use Mod B in "sync" mode to add a rhythmic component to the timbre that will be in time with our song.

  • Mod B should already be active - if it isn't, turn it on now.

  • Turn on the Mod B sync switch.

  • Make sure the Mod B A/B switch (far right) is in the middle position.

  • Set the Mod B rate knob to "1/16" (remember, sync is on so you won't see numbers from 0 to 127 here). This will sync the Mod B rate to sixteenth notes of our sequencer tracks.

  • Set the Mod B motion knob to 33.

  • All other Mod B knobs should be at zero and 1-shotshould be off.

  • Set the Mod B waveform to look like this:

Start the sequencer up, mute all sequencer tracks in the song (if there are any), and turn on the Reason metronome.

Your patch should now sound like this MP3 when you play chords.

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